The Perfect Idea of The Private Parts

 The vagina is one of the primary sexual organs of the woman and serves not only as a birth canal, but also makes women feel deep lust during sex. You should definitely know about your vagina! Be it the hairy teens or the shaved ones, you need to know more about this body part. [show_more more='Read More' less='Read Less']  The vagina, also called the vagina, belongs to the internal sexual organs of the woman. In addition to its biological functions, the vagina also has other qualities: It belongs to the female erogenous zones and their stimulation enjoys almost all women. Even a vaginal orgasm, which is described as a "deep orgasm" in contrast to the clitoral orgasm, is possible. Find out more here.

Structure of the vagina: sexual organ with many functions

Erogenous zones of the woman

As a twelve-centimeter-long, muscular and flexible tube, the vagina connects the external genitalia with the uterus. It is particularly elastic and can thereby adapt to the size of the penetrating penis during sex. Even with a delivery, the vagina can expand so much that it serves the baby as a birth canal. During the period, the menstrual blood also flows through the vagina. Before the first intercourse, the opening of the vagina is due to the so-called hymen (hymen) narrows somewhat. It is located about two centimeters behind the entrance to the vagina and in many cases tears at the first sex, which can lead to bleeding.

Orgasm: How the shape of your vagina affects him

In order for the vagina to be protected against infections, it has an acid vaginal flora. This is caused by the formation of lactic acid, which can prevent colonization with pathogens. The vagina has a mucous membrane that consists of several cell layers. This produces a special vaginal secretion that keeps the vagina moist. As a result of sexual arousal, the vagina also produces a translucent fluid that acts as a natural lubricant. If the vagina does not get wet despite foreplay and sexual arousal, and if the woman has recurring symptoms such as burning and itching, she suffers from vaginal dryness. This can be attributed, for example, to stress or hormone fluctuations as a result of pregnancy or lactation. A friable discharge, however, is often a sign of a vaginal fungus. This occurs when the vaginal flora gets out of balance. For the hairy teens it is quite a matter.

But that's not all:

There is also something in the myth of female ejaculation. As researchers have found, the vagina produces an ejaculate that resembles the secretion of the male prostate as a result of intense desire. It is true that this fluid does not originate in the vagina itself, but in a glandular tissue that surrounds the urethra. However, this tissue - also known as the female prostate - can be palpated and stimulated from the vagina; it is the fabled G-spot that lies at the top in the anterior third of the vagina. The vagina is much more than a birth canal. Rather, it is the center of desire.

So man increases your pleasure level

Concerning sexual intercourse itself, during vaginal orgasm the vaginal muscles contract jerkily so that the vagina can tightly enclose the penis. An orgasm that occurs without the stimulation of the clitoris is called vaginal orgasm. Some researchers refer to it as a "deep orgasm," indicating both the place where it happens - inside the body - and the intensity with which it is experienced.

Hair loss - what are the reasons and what actually helps?

Reclining hairlines, light hair on the top of the head or a hair ring: Up to 80% of men have hereditary hair loss. Drugstores and pharmacies offer many hair loss products - but what remedies really help? Find out now with which products you can effectively stop hair loss! However, a US study has found that only 30 percent of women during sexual intercourse, that is, during penetration, come to a climax: the other respondents either experience no orgasm or come only with clitoral pats to climax. As the medical portal reported, anyway, only a few women distinguish between a vaginal and clitoral orgasm during lovemaking. Women who notice the difference describe the clitoral orgasm as punctuated while perceiving the vaginal as more encompassing and diffuse.

Vagina massage: eroticism inside the body

A stimulation of the vagina is therefore possible - and not just with the help of the G-spot. We recommend a vagina massage. During masturbation or sex, gently insert a finger into the vagina and gently circle the wall of your vagina. Also try to use more than one finger for stimulation - as long as the massage gives you pleasure and does not cause pain. In addition, the vagina can be stimulated by playing with the pelvic floor muscles. The vaginal entrance, for example, is surrounded by muscle rings (the PC muscle), which can easily be tense. For example, you always use this muscle if you consciously interrupt the urine stream in the toilet. Tightening this muscle is especially appealing. And not only that: The targeted training of the pelvic floor muscles helps women to better perceive the center of their femininity and improve the orgasm ability. As a work-out, it is enough to tense your muscles for at least five seconds and then relax for twice as long. Repeat the exercise 30 times, preferably several times a day. Or you introduce love balls into the vagina. Due to the rotation of the balls, the muscles of the pelvic floor are automatically stimulated to contraction and thus strengthened.

4 myths about the care of the vagina

Cleaning the vagina with the shower head

If you inject too directly into the vagina with the shower head, you may destroy the delicate vaginal environment and thus the natural protective barrier to prevent the nesting of malignant bacteria and viruses. A normal cleaning in the morning showers is enough!

Perfume for vagina care

Avoid perfumed soaps, shower gels and other supposed cleansers as they destroy the healthy balance of benign bacteria and the natural pH of the vaginal flora. The result: an unpleasant smell and possible irritations. When buying a cleaning product, always make sure that it is ph-neutral, that is, has the same acidity as the skin.

Clean the vagina with steam

This new trend of the celebrity world sounds not only painful, but also very dangerous. Who would want to voluntarily burn his little jewelry box? The heat only causes terrible itching and skin irritation. It also promotes fungal infections.

Introduce washing lotion

You should clean the vagina daily with your hand and lukewarm water carefully. In no case use aggressive washing lotions, this also includes normal body shower gels, which has already mentioned above can have consequences.

The vagina - more than a genital organ

The vagina or vagina is not only an expansion miracle, but also self-cleaning. Germs in the vaginal flora keep the female genital organ clean and protect it from pathogens. Apart from these biological functions, the vagina is the center of female pleasure. Thanks to her, the woman is able to ejaculate and come to an incomparable orgasm. [/show_more]