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 Sexuality with the anal teen porn plays a fundamental role in the well-being of the person and in the quality of life that it carries out. Anxiety and sadness, as well as feelings of inadequacy, frustration and anger are common outcomes of the discomfort or difficulties that a person can feel towards their sexuality.

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 As a consequence it is easy that sexual disorders involve a profound devaluation of oneself with typical automatic thoughts such as: "I am destined to fail. It will end up replacing me with another boy. " "I'm getting fat. I will not be more desirable. " "It would be better to die than to be sexually like that." "If I fail again, I'm a lost cause." "I am not as physically attractive as I used to be; I will not like him anymore. " "I can not hear anything. I'm not normal." Sexuality with the anal porn is then a very important component of the couple's bond as it should be an expression of care and attention towards one's partner and oneself, as well as a factor of consolidation of the intimate relationship. Unfortunately, as a result of social, cultural and religious conditioning and / or inadequate sex education, sexuality is experienced with discomfort, frequent emotions of shame and guilt that threaten the psychophysical well-being necessary for personal and couple balance.

The Level of Discomfort

It is therefore important to face any discomfort or difficulty in the sexual sphere as soon as possible in order to be able to intervene in an appropriate and competent manner. It will thus be possible to reappropriate one's sexuality in a conscious way and, respecting both one's own times and those of the partner, one will obtain a notable improvement of the psychophysical wellbeing and, therefore, of the quality of life.

The Aspect of Sexology

Sexology, in fact, places particular attention more on the psychophysical and relational aspects of sexuality than on the simple "functionality" of reproduction. In this perspective, we speak more properly of erotic functioning rather than sexual functioning, in which the fantasies, the emotions, the neurovegetative and somatic reactions that produce 'sexual pleasure' take on greater importance.

Erotic functioning consists of four main phases or moments:

Desire Excitement Orgasm Erotic pleasure Sexual desire is an emotion characterized by the presence of sexual thoughts and fantasies and the desire to undertake sexual activity. The phase of desire prefigures sexual pleasure because on the one hand triggers excitement and, on the other, because an act is usually as pleasant as desired. The desire is variable from person to person and may also depend on the circumstances such as phases of the menstrual cycle, pregnancy, menopause, quality of the couple relationship, dissatisfaction with the body, etc. Desire, like pleasure, is a mostly mental (psychic) ​​phenomenon.


Excitement is a subsequent emotion and similar to that of desire, but, unlike the desire that is a mental, psychic phenomenon, excitement is a phenomenon that is mostly physical, linked to the body. It therefore arises from desire and prepares for the next phase of orgasm, producing a general activation of the organism, which corresponds to a subjective experience of sexual pleasure.


It is an extreme emotion, comparable to a discharge of energy and tension followed by a deep state of relaxation called the resolution phase. The orgasm is reached in fact at the height of excitement and puts an end to sexual reaction, temporarily stopping the desire. It is followed by a pause characterized by a momentary erotic insensitivity and only relevant for men called the refractory period. The phase of the orgasm consists in reaching the peak of physical and mental pleasure which, as previously mentioned, follows a decrease in sexual tension up to total relaxation and is given by rhythmic contractions of the perineal muscles and of the reproductive organs. The strong sensations that you feel at the mental level along with the physical changes make the orgasm a rewarding, unique and easily recognizable experience. Who has tried it, knows it. Otherwise it is like trying to explain the rainbow to a blind person. It is not possible. The female descriptions of orgasm are more precise than the male ones; they therefore suggest that women have better knowledge of their complex anatomy or are simply less reticent in describing their feelings. Regarding female orgasm, the debate about the types of orgasm in women is still open.

Erotic pleasure

Erotic pleasure is a particular subjective experience that, in general, accompanies, nourishes and increases the other phases of erotic functioning (desire, excitement, orgasm and resolution). It acquires specific characteristics in each phase: the subtle pleasure of desire, the pleasure of satisfaction during the resolution phase, the very physical pleasure of excitement, the overwhelming pleasure of orgasm. Pleasure, like desire, is a mostly mental (psychic) ​​phenomenon.

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